Sulafah (pro:soo-laa-faa)is an Arabic name that loosely translates to ‘the choicest’. In many parts of the Middle East, girls are often named Sulafah, both because of its softer sound effect as well as its graceful meaning.

Our brand embodies the literal as well as the symbolic meaning of Sulafah. The aesthetics, core ideology, and the vision of our company, is to craft and manufacture products with exceptional attention to detail that exalts our products from the mundane to memorable.

Sulafah offers the trifecta for “The Shoe”: beauty, comfort and functionality, fused with brilliance.

Our signature products include leather and fawn leather shoes, totes and evening bags, for the urban woman whose needs are as diverse as the facets in her personality. There is a shoe and a bag to enhance her look, no matter what occasion she chooses to dress up for.